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Written by our CEO, Peter Rabey.

In my experience, authentic leaders are self-aware, value-driven, transparent and show vulnerability.

It remains a skill I’m continuingly developing through conversations with coaches, my team, listening to podcasts, reading books, and reflecting on my own personal experiences.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from many inspirational CEOs on the podcast, and one of the biggest takeaways is that each leader will have a slightly different version of ‘authenticity’ depending on the organisation they are running. My top picks this week are from Miles Hunt, former CEO of Empresaria Group, Carolyn Starrett, CEO at Flatiron Health and Matthew Wool, CEO at Acceleration Partners.

Finding authenticity – Miles Hunt

Authenticity can often be hard to navigate.

Authenticity isn’t just about doing the right things, it’s also about behaving in the right way. Reputation is a far more valuable commodity than any amount of money you may make.

Talk to mentors, your network, and utilise external sources such as books and podcasts – soak up the knowledge around you and navigate the bear traps of leadership.

Be mission driven – Carolyn Starrett

A deep commitment to a mission is integral to both authentic leadership and business success. Consider what issues and challenges motivate you to take action, and empower others to do the same. Inspire faith in your mission.

Setting the Direction – Where are you and your company going together?

Cultivating Clarity – What is the best way to pursue your vision? How do you prioritise?

Create a purpose driven brand – Matthew Wool

An authentic brand often starts with an authentic leader. To be true to your brand, you need to be true to yourself as a leader.

When creating brand authenticity, put your values in your marketing and ensure these are values you, as a leader, believe in.

Partners will want to work with brands that have an authentic message, value, proposition and purpose.

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